Quarantine Home Projects: CT Plumbing Says ‘Don’t Do It Yourself’

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NEW FAIRFIELD, CT—New Fairfield-based heating and plumbing professional David LaCava, owner of CT Plumbing LLC, has seen his business slightly decrease on the commercial end during this time of quarantine due to the novel coronavirus. But on the residential side, he has been getting a steady stream of calls from his regular customers as well as those seeking advice on how to “do it yourself” for home remodeling or improvement.

In today’s world of YouTube videos, it’s getting easier to access information on “how to” do projects yourself (DIY) without hiring a professional. There are some projects that require professional training and expertise to complete, such as plumbing and heating work. Many believe they can save money by doing their own home projects but unlike other DIY projects, mistakes are not cheap and can be dangerous.

“The best advice I can give is don’t (do it yourself). I’m a licensed and trained professional in plumbing and HVAC and there are some very dangerous situations a homeowner can get themselves into like possibly tapping into a gas line,” LaCava said.

LaCava urges special caution with installing a water heater—a project some think they can install on their own. Water leaks could be a problem when it comes to any installation but the main danger, LaCava said, is because many water heaters are heated through gas. Hooking up a gas line is always a job that should only be done by a professional. Gas leaks can turn into a very dangerous situation.

Even if the water heater is electric, a professional should still install it because improper installation could lead to water and steam escaping the heater which will cause mold to grow in the enclosed space.

“All that money saved by the DIY homeowner will disappear once the mold removal costs are factored in,” LaCava said. “Many times a homeowner will attempt a home improvement project and then call me after they run into problems to complete the job, which can be costly,” he continued, “so the best advice I can give them is to call a professional first.”

LaCava, who operates out of his New Fairfield, CT shop, has been in the industry for more than 30 years, is fully licensed in CT and NY, and has a AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau. For questions or more information, visit his Facebook page, email CTPlumbing7473@gmail.com, or call (203) 312-0182.

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